How do I fix my central heater?

central heater needing maintenance

Getting ready for winter

Even in Southern California, as a homeowner, you should be getting ready for winter, including central heating installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether you are doing it yourself or having an annual central heating repair service out for cleaning and inspection, the last thing you want to find out is the central heat isn’t working. 

With the time of year it is, starting the last quarter of the year, you don’t have much time to get your central heating repaired or replaced, but you still have questions. Like, Why won’t central heating come on? And What to do when heater is not working? 

What you need to do right now, or what the central heat repair technician will do, is perform troubleshooting, start with simple things, and go from there. The goal is to isolate and identify problems, hopefully the less expensive (if any cost) and fix them. With a little patience and time, you could save yourself from having to buy a new central heat unit right now. So, let’s get started with this check list: 

The Thermostat

Check the thermostat is on and at the proper setting for heat. If the thermostat turns on, is on heat setting, and turns on, you’re good to go. If the heater doesn’t come on, check the batteries in the thermostat, replace them, and try to turn the heater on. If that doesn’t work, check the circuit breaker and if it is in the off position, flip it on and try turning the heater on again. If it flips back off, then you need to all a professional central heating repair service or electrician. 

The Air Filters

Check the air filter and if it hasn’t been changed or cleaned in the last 30 days or more, do that now. A clogged and dirty air filter will keep the air from pulling through the system and heating up as it should. This could also cause the breaker to flip off because it is pulling too much power. Make it a routine to replace or clean the air filter every 30 days to get the most efficiency of your central heat unit. 

Check the Igniter or Pilot Light

If your central heat is gas or propane, check the pilot light. If it isn’t on, relight it, verify the thermostat is on and at heat setting, then try to turn on the heater. If the heat doesn’t turn on, turn the gas valve off, wait 5 minutes, relight the pilot and try again. If still no heat, it is probably the igniter, which you could replace yourself or call a professional for central heating repair service. 

Other Conditions and Considerations

Made sure all the registers are open and the air flow is good. When the registers are closed, it can hinder the central heat system’s ability to deliver the heated air. A professional central heating repair service will include checking the belts, blower motors and other parts that you don’t have easy access. This is one of the benefits of having a maintenance contract with a professional central heating repair and installation company. 

How do I reset my central heating system

So, the central heating isn’t working and troubleshooting in the manual suggest resetting the thermostat first. Then it leaves you there, not explaining how to do that, right?  Every brand and every model may have different instructions, but the following steps are the basics to try before you make that central heating repair service call: 

  • Flip the Batteries
    Take the batteries out, install them backwards and wait 5 seconds. Now take them out reinstall the properly. Test the thermostat now. .
  • Punch it With a Paper Clip
    Most thermostats have a tiny recessed reset button. Straighten out a paper clip and stick it in that recessed button, hold for five seconds, release, and test the thermostat. 
  • Circuit Breaker
    If those two methods didn’t work, turn the thermostat to ‘off and find the breaker box, flip the breaker for the HVAC system to off and wait 30 seconds. Then flip the breaker back on and then turn the thermostat to ‘on’ and see if it is working now. If not, time to call and schedule a central heating repair appointment. 

Can a power cut affect central heating?

Yes, if you have electric or gas central heating, a cut in electrical power will disrupt your central heating. Repair or other issues need to be resolved to get the electrical power back on before you can use the central heat. Even with a gas powered central heat unit, it needs electricity to ignite the pilot light. 

Why is my ducted heating not working?

Try the following before you make that ducted central heating repair service call request: 

  • Flip the power switch from on to off and back on. Test the unit
  • Check the circuit breaker, if tripped, flip it back on. Test the unit
  • If ducted heat is on gas supply, check that the pilot light is lit and on 
  • Check the thermostat batteries and make sure the manual mode is enabled
  • Make sure no less than seven outlets are opened fully
  • Clean or change the return air filter

If none of these steps fixed the unit, call for a ducted central heating repair service with a professional technician. 

radiator fix

What Can You Do About A Central Heating Hole Repair?! 

Fixing small cracks, leaks, and pinholes in your central heating radiator can be tricky, but with the right sealant and a little patience, once you locate that pinhole, it is easy to do. One product that professionals recommend is Miracle Seal, but you can use any premium quality, professional grade sealant product that is designed for domestic, commercial, and industrial radiators and central heating systems.

Step One: Find the leak source

You’ll probably need to dry the radiator surface so that you can see water coming out of the pinhole. Check the main body, panels, valve, pipes, and valve nuts. 

Step Two: Seal the leak 

Now that you have found the leak source, follow the directions on the sealant you purchase and follow it step by step. 

Step Three: Allow Sealant to Dry and you’re done! 

If you don’t have a central heating repair service already, you can find one with an internet search for central heating servicing near me. Call two or three and get pricing, ask what their charges for central heating repair cover, the warranty period of that work. Inquire about a maintenance plan for your system. If it isn’t too old, it could be worth the money to have that peace of mind knowing you have professional coverage. Call (951) 336-1541 today for central heater repair in Riverside, CA.