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The crew at Aire-Rite Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. goes above and beyond to cater to the HVAC needs of its community. Our superior crew delivers unbeatable work with a large variety of different HVAC devices and brands. With an unimpeachable history of achievement, we have established ourselves as the premier option among air conditioning companies you can locate in our community. Aire-Rite Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is here for you as your heating / air conditioning company in Redlands, CA so call us at (951) 336-1541 today. Looking at the necessity and expense of your HVAC, you ought to only entrust it to the premier regional contractor.

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You might have several choices among heating / air conditioning companies in Redlands, CA, but few of them measure up to Aire-Rite Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We can swiftly identify the source for repair needs, and will install the right parts for the job. When you desire top-tier performance out of a new HVAC, be certain to trust our team for replacement and installation work. You will be able to reach our team anytime at (951) 336-1541 when you wish to learn additional information about service as your heating / air conditioning company in Redlands, CA.

Reliable AC Repairs & Replacement

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If you possess an AC, there’s a good chance that you care about the device. If your air conditioner has commenced to have problems, you’ll desire rapid, masterful work. We comprehensively inspect ACs to identify issues, and can always do comprehensive, dependable repairs. For top-tier work tied to AC replacement, you should continually depend on our company as your heating / air conditioning company in Redlands, CA. You may discover additional information in regards to any of our services through the links below.

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When the day arrives to pick between air conditioning companies in Redlands, CA, go for the right option in Aire-Rite Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We possess a group of expert technicians who supply premier work across any necessity you may confront with your HVAC. When you need help, it’s essential to rely on a company that you can trust for HVAC performance. You can give us a call at (951) 336-1541 the next time you necessitate an install, repairs, service, or further work on an HVAC.

Quality Air Conditioning Services

AC Services

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Aside from our typical air conditioning work, we also provide emergency services. Our technicians will respond quickly to your call, and can quickly enact maintenance or repairs to restore your AC to its optimal condition. If your air conditioning only circulates warm air, you likely need to take advantage of our coolant charging service. For those with mini duct ACs, we furthermore provide a full selection of services on these devices.

Exceptional Heating Repairs and Installation

Heating System Repairs

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When heating systems are in need of help it’s important to have timely and available services so that units can work properly in the colder seasons. At Aire-Rite Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., our techs possess the skills to offer any level of service you may need for your heating device. As total heater pros, we maintain all types of furnaces, heat pumps, and LP gas heating devices. Geothermal heaters also occur within our expertise as your heating / air conditioning company in Redlands, CA. 

Healthy Air Filtration & Purification Systems

Air Filtration For Your Home

Indoor air pollution is a pronounced concern, especially if you think about how the average American spends the vast majority of their time indoors. The installation of an HVAC purifier or air filter will garner both better health and cleaner air for a house. Unlike other air conditioning companies, we offer total work in this regard, including maintenance and repairs. Give Aire-Rite Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today at (951) 336-1541 to learn more. Our excellent team will provide you with the services that you need.